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Court-Appointed Receivership

There are numerous instances when a court-appointed receiver is required to manage complex business and real estate investments. In those instances, the investors and their attorney want a court receiver whose reliability, professionalism, integrity and expertise will ensure that the investment is managed effectively.

Jack Meeks is just such an individual. Currently the president of Jack Meeks & Associates, CPAs, LLC, a 40-year-old accounting and financial services firm, Jack has a wealth of experience in business and real estate activities. He has also served as an expert witness in financial disputes involving a wide variety of business and real estate investments. This work has resulted in Jack reviewing in excess of 200 commercial real estate appraisals. Jack is a Certified Public Accountant and holds designations as a business appraiser and a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Jack has acted as a Court-Appointed Receiver for a large catalogue company. The lender provided substantially more proceeds than expected and Jacksonville retained 150+ jobs.

"Jack did an excellent job for us as a receiver on two separate cases. He carefully and efficiently handled all aspects of each case, from investigating and resolving all financial issues and disburse- ments to satisfying a variety of lienholders to updating all incomplete accounting and tax filings. His expert negotiating skills enabled him to resolve a thorny tenant issue, and allow a building to be sold without encumbrances. He updated the building’s insurance, paid back taxes, analyzed the appraisal and had the building sold for a good price. In both occasions, Jack maximized the proceeds to the investors. I highly recommend Jack as a receiver." Bill Cooper, Esquire (Cooper, Ridge & Lantinberg)

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