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Expert Witness

Finding the right expert witness for trial can help you present your case most effectively. Whether your case involves placing value on a particular business interest or quantifying a business loss, our role can include reviewing complex financial documents, analyzing and preparing reports, serving as a consultant or advisor and, perhaps, testifying in a deposition or trial. We want to be an integral part of your litigation team.

The members of Jack Meeks & Associates litigation support team have been collectively working on legal cases for more than 40 years. We have the necessary accounting experience and training to justify our role as financial expert witnesses. More important, we have the necessary on-the-stand experience to support your case as an informative and credible witness. Clear, concise, credible witnesses are a critical component of your winning courtroom strategy.

The financial expert witnesses at Jack Meeks & Associates, CPAs, LLC will work in concert with you and your litigation team to ensure an understandable, conclusive and harmonious presentation of the financial aspects of your case.

Presenting Information in Deposition or Court

Though many cases never see the inside of a courtroom, we will help you make complex financial information easy for a judge or jury to understand. We will work closely with you to understand the issues of your case, so the analysis and testimony can have the greatest effect possible. Our expert witnessing team is trained to answer only what is asked, and you can be confident we will:

Focus on the Big Picture
What is of interest to the judge or jury is what is important to us. We will speak in plain English, rather than in specialized accounting terminology, and will simplify as much as possible the details of the financial analysis.

Make Sure the Opinion is Clearly Understood
We will place the emphasis on the conclusion we have drawn. To ensure confidence in the opinion, we will reinforce it through repetition as often as questioning allows.

Use Jury-Relevant Examples
We will use everyday concepts to explain more difficult financial concepts so the jury can understand better and connect with us on our conclusions.

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