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Living and working in Historic Springfield is unlike any other community in Jacksonville. Leave the cookie-cutter suburbs and professional parks for our century-old oak trees, our brick-paved streets, the quiet auto traffic but lively community we call home.

-Photo of Springfield-

Proximity. Located in the heart of Historic Springfield, our executive suites are convenient to Downtown, San Marco and Riverside.

Access. We offer free parking for you and your clients with 24/7 secured access to the building.

Amenities. Our space provides a large media room capable of seating 30 people, 2 smaller conference rooms and a full-sized kitchen. We also offer a large community work room which includes sliding filing cabinets and a large glass surface for standing meetings or organizing documents. Offices are available furnished or unfurnished.

We have our own network. You can confer with other professionals right here in our building. We have attorneys with law firms that range from criminal and personal injury to property and family law. We have financial and insurance specialists, consultants and counselors.

6th and Walnut St.

1342 N Laura St.

1654 N Walnut St.
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