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Forensic Accountant, Receiver, Certified Fraud Examiner, Historic Property Developer

Experienced Forensic Accountant with an Emphasis in Construction Litigation

Jack Meeks & Associates, CPAs, LLC is a unique company that specializes in expert witness services, receiverships and trusteeships while also restoring and managing historic properties in the Historic Springfield and Downtown communities of Jacksonville, Florida.

With over 50 years’ experience as a Certified Public Accountant and 35 years as a practicing Financial Expert Witness, Jack Meeks has advised hundreds of Jacksonville’s citizens and businesses – many of whom are construction clients. Jack has also been called to court as an expert over 50 times and he has been deposed more than 100 times.

Types of Cases
Court-Appointed Receiver
Not only does Jack have substantial professional experience in construction litigation, but he has personally developed new, renovated, and restored approximately 50,000 square feet of commercial and residential property. This adds a unique perspective to Jack’s expansive blend of qualifications, ensuring your case will be analyzed from all angles.

Built as a non-contributing warehouse, Jack and his wife JoAnn renovated our current office space into an Arts & Crafts-styled commercial building. Inspired by local city planner and architect, Henry Klutho, our renovated façade and entrance portrays historically accurate design with an equally appealing office space.

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